Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Journal of Agricultural Sciences
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Journal of Agricultural Sciences
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About This Journal

Journal of Agricultural Sciences (JAS) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of JAS, the goal of this journal is to provide a platform and global forum for scientists and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of JAS. This journal targets researchers, scientists, and students who seek to advance the knowledge related to its scope.

All submitted manuscripts must be in English and will be processed to a rigorous and fair peer-review. Accepted papers will immediately publish online. The original papers should include but are not limited to the following subject areas of JAS :

  •   Agricultural Biodiversity
  •   Agricultural Botany
  •   Agricultural Ecology
  •   Agricultural Economics
  •   Agricultural Electrification and Automation
  •   Agricultural Entomology
  •   Agricultural Genomics
  •   Agricultural Machinery Engineering
  •   Agricultural Meteorology
  •   Agricultural Production
  •   Agricultural Resources
  •   Agrochemistry
  •   Agronomy
  •   Animal Breeding and Genetics
  •   Animal Nutrition
  •   Animal Physiology
  •   Apiculture Aquatic Ecology & Farm Animals Management
  •   Aquaculture
  •   Bacteriology
  •   Bioinformatics
  •   Biological Control
  •   Biological Engineering
  •   Biometrical Genetics
  •   Biotechnology
  •   Breeding Genetics and Pathology
  •   Crop Physiology and Science
  •   Cytogenetics
  •   Dairy Farming
  •   Dairy production
  •   Economic Entomology
  •   Energy Agriculture
  •   Energy in Agriculture
  •   Environmental Hydrology
  •   Extraction industries
  •   Fertility & Plant Nutrition
  •   Fisheries and Environmental Sciences
  •   Floriculture
  •   Food Biotechnology
  •   Food production and perseverance
  •   Food Technology
  •   Furniture Engineering
  •   Genetic Engineering
  •   Genomics
  •   Horticulture
  •   Husbandry Science
  •   Integrated Pest Management
  •   Irrigation and Hydraulic Structures
  •   Irrigation Management
  •   Landscape Design
  •   Micropropagation and Plant Tissue Culture
  •   Modelling of Crop and Animal Systems
  •   Molecular Genetics
  •   Mycology
  •   Nematology
  •   Organic Agriculture
  •   Phylogenetic
  •   Physiology
  •   Plant Breeding Genetics and Pathology
  •   Plant Nutrition
  •   Plant Protection
  •   Pomology
  •   Population Dynamics
  •   Post-harvest Physiology and Technology of Horticultural Crops
  •   Poultry Science
  •   Proteomics
  •   Pulp and Paper Technology
  •   Security of Genetically Modified Agricultural Organisms
  •   Soil Biology & Biotechnology
  •   Soil Chemistry
  •   Soil Evolution, Classification & Evaluation
  •   Soil Physics & Conservation
  •   Soil Quality Improvement
  •   Soil Science and Soil Land Use
  •   Soil-Plant Relationships
  •   Sustainable Rural Development Agricultural Botany
  •   Systematics
  •   Systems Biology
  •   Theoretical Production Ecology
  •   Toxicology
  •   V egetable Crops
  •   V eterinary
  •   Virology
  •   Water Engineering
  •   Water Resources
  •   Wood Biology and Protection
  •   Wood Engineering
  •   Yeast industries

The journal welcomes both applied and basic Research Articles, Reviews, Letters to the Editor, Meeting Reports, Methodology Articles, Short reports, Notes, Study Protocols and advertisements.

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