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American Science Publishing (ASP) is a distinguished publisher with a strong international focus, pioneering a distinctive approach to the publishing of innovative academic research, educational material and reference works in established and emerging fields.

Our titles are published simultaneously in print and ebook editions across the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine) are subject to peer review by recognized authorities in the field.

We sincerely welcome all you authors to publish your precious book manuscripts with us, and we are going to do our utmost to meet your requirements to your satisfaction. We offer high-quality services and expertise not available anywhere else, we offer increased visibility for your book through our large community of respected and well-known resources, we also offer very competitive price and commission for our book authors.

Through our experience and careful outsourcing, we hope we can publish more effectively than other academic publisher. We set out to publish fast, paying careful attention to what is special about each book, and giving personal attention at all times to our authors and to every aspect of our publications. Our wide range of subject areas ensure that we will find the right community for you.

Our publishing service will definitely safeguard your intellectual property right, trademark and copyright. We will strengthen book marketing and strategies of promotion, including book reviewers, distributions on online media, to bookstores and libraries.

If you would like to publish your own books, please feel free to contact our book publishing department at:

Submission Policy

Manuscripts submitted to American Science Publishing must contain original material. The submitted manuscript must neither be published, nor be submitted for publication elsewhere. Violations of these rules will normally result in an immediate rejection of the submission without further review.

Publishing Procedures:

1. Authors submit a CV, a Publication Proposal Form (Download) and the First Chapter of your Book to book”at” for an initial evaluation.
2. By passing the first evaluation, reviewers will collect a more detailed evaluation from the author. The final decision on approval/disapproval for the book publication will come out after all reviews received.
3. Authors will be asked to sign the publishing agreement if the book is approved to be published after evaluation.
4. Authors make a payment of publishing fees according to book pages.
5. ASP then finish typesetting and proofreading work.
6. ASP will publish the book and do its best to promote the book sales.

General Peer-Review Procedure

All manuscripts submitted for publication with us are carefully and rigorously scrutinized by established experts or specialists in your field for peer- reviewed. The Books Editorial Offices will collect at least five review comments per manuscript, then ask the authors for adequate revision.
The Editorial Board prepares a decision letter according to the comments of the reviewers, which is sent to the corresponding author.

Author's Rights

At American Science Publishing, we're dedicated to protect your rights as an author, and ensuring that all legal information, your intellectual property rights, trademark and copyright are addressed.

Publishing Ethics Statement

ASP takes the responsibility to enforce a rigorous peer-review together with ethical policies and standards to the field of scholarly Publication. ASP takes cases of plagiarism, data falsification and inappropriate authorship credit very seriously and our editors will have a zero tolerance to such behaviors.
Authors are sincerely invited to submit your manuscript to If you have any questions about publishing a book, please also feel free to contact